Don’t Wait To See The World.


Welcome. I’m Marney McNall – word peddler. I write contemporary fiction and work as both a freelance writer and editor. I love stories that sweep me off to other countries, and at the same time, make me appreciate home. I like books that remind me it’s not enough to discuss the world’s problems over dinner, and end with, “Hey, pass me the potatoes.”

I write about people who don’t give up—people who struggle to dig down roots, step up, and test out their wings. And love. Of course, I write about love—under difficult circumstances. Because really, is there any other kind?

Join me while I step into somebody else’s shoes for a bit.

Free To Roam Blog

Words from a fiction and freelance writer, traveler, lover of books and dogs, proud wife of a military officer, believer in God and the power of volunteerism. For more, visit my blog page.

Books That Stay With You – A Girl at War

This isn’t a book review. It’s more a highlight of some things that have kept me thinking about this book.

Girl at War by Sara Nović

Category: […]

What Makes Us Fear the Unknown

When a new path opens up—even one you’ve been praying for—there is that niggling wariness of stepping into the unknown.

Fear of making the wrong choice: […]


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