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  • Giraffe in Maasai Mara game reserve

    African Safari – Part II

    We headed into the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. Its vast ridge of volcanoes and lakes cut a bumpy north/south seam across a savannah of tall grass and scrub. An occasional Acacia tree stood alone on a flat section of plain, offering an umbrella of [...]

  • overnight train

    Overnight Train From Mombasa

    Travel nostalgia Semester at Sea is a floating campus, a unique study abroad program where the world is your classroom. So many memories… We took an overnight train, straight out of the 1950s, to Nairobi. Behind us, we left the port city of Mombasa where our [...]

  • Books That Stay With You – A Girl at War

    This isn’t a book review. It’s more a highlight of some things that have kept me thinking about this book. Girl at War by Sara Nović Category: novel Ana, the protagonist, is a ten-year-old tomboy from Zagreb, Croatia. The former Yugoslavia has fallen into civil [...]

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