My faith is central to me, and I am thankful for words that mean grace in any language. On my life-long path as a Christian, I’ve had serious questions—why?—and lots of ups and downs. But to me, there’s no path of greater adventure or importance.

I consider it a privilege to help with some behind-the-scenes writing for Seacoast Church. With its 13 campuses, 14,000 people attending each week, and online visitors from 150 countries a month, trust me, they had plenty of other options. I’m grateful to be part of the team. Of my different tasks, I especially enjoy writing the small group study questions based on the week’s sermon, and telling stories of how people persevere through the trials in their lives. Seeing people at church, you may think everybody seems picket-fence-and-pearls happy, but then, you hear their testimonies and you realize, you didn’t understand a thing.