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I love writing for the cause-conscious crowd and anyone loving a little rough-around-the-edges travel. A few of my articles are shown below. For a whole lot more, please visit

The State of Modern Slavery
Relevant Magazine

Porn is a Social Justice Issue
Relevant Magazine

Things That Hold Us Back From Serving Others
Relevant Magazine

4 Ways to Break Down Social Barriers
Relevant Magazine

No Haven Here

I have recently completed a novel.

In No Haven Here, the lives of several multinational volunteers converge in Guatemala for a project at a jungle orphanage, resurrecting struggles from their pasts rather than the escape they’d each hoped for. The novel centers on a now-cynical young woman who would prefer to face corrupt governments, shady investors, and street gangs rather than her burgeoning relationship with a U.S. Military pilot.

Ultimately, it is a story about how we forge meaning from the trauma in our lives, of friendship and forgiveness, and the hard choices we make to protect those we love.


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